Cheap Tablets for Sale under $100 with Keyboard

Are you on the lookout for a cost-effective tablet that comes along with a keyboard? Then look no further! We have done extensive research and read long reviews to combine a list of cheap tablets for sale with keyboards, all for your ease and convenience!

Tablets today have come a

long way from what they once used to be. Tablets these days come with a lot of options. Docks, covers, and touchpads are often available along with the tablet. Keyboards are also an important accessory that often accompany tablets. These are incredibly important if you want to get some serious work done on your tablet. These keyboards come in a variety of designs and styles. You can get either hard keyboard docks, or sleek and slim ones, according to your preference.

Tablets for sale with keyboards provide the same functionality that notebooks and desktop PCs can, but without the extra spending. This is why buyers’ are drawn to these tablets, especially now, in the prime era of pricey gadgets and technology. Tablets combine the cutting-edge technology of desktop computers, along with portability and a large storage. They are the ultimate gadget!

There are quite a number of tablets you can buy for under $100, but not all of them provide the same quality, features, and specifications. The golden rule of buying gadgets is that you must never compromise on quality! You need to carefully sift through this list, if you want to buy the ideal tablet with a keyboard. Read wisely, as this list has all the answers you are looking for.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6

When it comes to cheap tablets for sale, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the best tablet with a keyboard out there! A favorite of buyers and reviewers, this tablet packs a whole lot of exciting functions and features. Its innovative design and classy exterior attracts the attention of all kinds of buyers.

This tablet is accompanied by a striking keyboard cover called ‘Type Cover’. The Type Cover offers a smooth and comfortable surface to write on, along with protecting the screen at the same time.

The best part about this tablet is that it has a built-in kickstand, which means it can sit on your lap in a more stable and upright way than most other tablets. With this tablet, you can choose between Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, which are both quite powerful and fast. The storage limit can be either 8 or 16 GB, depending on your preference. Its SSD can hold up to around 1 TB of data, which is impressive for a tablet. This Microsoft model defies all expectations!

You can also choose to buy a stylus called the ‘Surface Pen’, while purchasing this impeccable device.

  • Lenovo MIIX 520

Although in looks this tablet is quite similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, it has some additional features that the Microsoft tablet can’t compare to. The Lenovo MIIX 520 boasts a full metal body with an integrated kickstand. Its keyboard cover and active stylus are included without no extra charges, which makes it an ideal tablet for you if you are looking for cheap tablets for sale with keyboards.

This Lenovo tablet model has an elegant style about it, with its build quality being quite extravagant. Its 12.2 inch screen offers a high resolution and you can easily work or watch movies on this gadget without even a single complaint!

The keyboard that accompanies this tablet is constructed from plastic and faux leather, which gives it a soft and appealing finish. If you want to save money, but want a reliable tablet at the same time, then Lenovo MIIX 520 is your best bet!

  • Acer Switch 3

Acer Switch 3 is much cheaper than its Microsoft and Lenovo alternatives. This is because its internal hardware is not as powerful as the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, or as reliable the Lenovo MIIX tablet. Still, when it comes to cheap tablets for sale, the Acer Switch 3 is amongst the forerunners.

The Switch 3 features an Intel Pentium N4200 processor and boasts a mighty 4 GB of RAM, with a 64 GB SSD. Its performance is more than ideal for office work and web browsing and streaming. So if you are in the market for a device that gets work done with ease and smoothness, then the Acer Switch 3 is perfect for you!

  • Microsoft Surface Go

The Microsoft Surface Go is the best tablet for sale with a keyboard that you can get right now. It is smaller than the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, but that does not mean it does not contain a multitude of enticing features and specifications. It has a similar design to the Surface Pro, but is smaller and thus far more portable and lightweight. If you are looking for a mini-sized tablet that will get your work done, then the Surface Go is the right way to go! It’s a great choice for office-workers and students alike.


The Microsoft Surface Go comes with an Intel Pentium Gold processor, with 4 to 8 GB of RAM, and an impressive 128 GB SSD. This tablet also boasts a full HD resolution, making it optimum for graphic designers and gamers. You just can’t go wrong with this tablet!


There you have it! A full and complete list of all the budget-friendly tablets that are gracing the markets of 2019. These are our top picks, as diving head first into the world of tablets and keyboards. These tablets contain the most premium hardware specifications and internal features that you will ever find.

Buying a tablet with a keyboard is not an easy task, but hopefully this list can guide you and help you make the best sales decision, in regards with cost and quality. So do not wait! Go out today and add the perfect tablet to your cart for purchase.

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