Mason Rudolph Injury Incident vs Baltimore Ravens in Pittsburgh Steelers

Terrifying moment in Sunday’s Steelers-Ravens game: Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph took a hard hit to the helmet during a rush, and collapsed to the turf unconscious.

Mason Rudolph knocked out on this hit. No flag.
— Alex Kozora (@Alex_Kozora) October 6, 2019

Rudolph was hit almost simultaneously from behind by Brandon Carr and from the front by Earl Thomas. Replays showed Rudolph’s eyes rolling back as he lost consciousness, and his limbs flopped as he hit the Heinz Field turf.

Several Steelers appeared to be trying to shake Rudolph awake, and JuJu Smith-Schuster was spotted sobbing on the field.

Shortly afterward, Rudolph was on his feet, talking to paramedics and his teammates with his facemask removed. He appeared to say “I’m good, I’m good,” as he was escorted off the field.

In a grim coda, the Steelers’ cart broke down on the field, meaning Rudolph had to walk off the field on his own. It was an absurd scene given the NFL’s resources and professed commitment to player safety:

Rudolph had to be carried off the field because the medical cart was broken.

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