Cheap Laptops for Gaming, Animation, & Graphic Design, Under $1000

As June 2019 starts, we are reminded that laptops today are mostly used for recreational purposes, especially in the summer vacations, when it is too hot to enjoy your time outside. Whether you are a pro-gamer or are just looking for a cure to boredom, PC games are all the rage these days. In fact, laptops are now considered to be on par with Xbox and PlayStations, when it comes to gaming!

The thing about laptop games is that they requires very specific features to run smoothly. Faster memory speed, precision touchpads, and mid to high-tier graphics card– these features are a must! To achieve optimal results in gaming, you just cannot compromise on the quality of the laptop. Unfortunately, cheap laptops for gaming are not always easily available, as they are usually on the costly side.

Animation and graphic creation are also burdened by the same fate– transformative animation and graphics imagery require a high-end configuration laptop to be created. Since graphic designers and animators use advanced software like Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, and VFX works, powerful processors, like Intel i5 or above, are required for graphic designing laptops, as well as a high RAM memory, large storage capacity, and a dedicated graphics card. At least 8GB RAM memory or above, and 2 GB minimum GPU are a must, in graphic designing laptops. While buying animation and graphics design laptops, you also need to consider screen size and battery life. A 15-inch display and at least six hours of battery backup are ideal for your animation and graphic design requirements. Laptops with such high specifications are usually unbelievably pricey.

When it comes to gaming, animation, and graphic design, there is no shortage of premium quality laptops available all around the globe! Multiple laptop brands have recently come out with laptops accompanied by impeccable specifications, such as thin bezel displays and Dolby Atmos speakers.

But the real catch is finding a good laptop when you are on a tight budget, and for that, we have compiled a list of the best, most cost-effective laptops present for gaming, animation, and graphic design. Compiled on the basis of reviews and extensive research into the world of PC gaming and top quality laptops, this list will help you find the most optimum laptop for your needs without wasting an extra penny.

We guarantee that the laptops presented in this list are amongst the top cost-efficient brands of 2019. Whether you have previously owned a laptop or are buying your first one, we ensure that by the end of this article, you will have the perfect laptop that will cater to all your gaming, graphics, and animation needs, all under the price of $1000.

  • Lenovo Legion Y530

Paving the way for today’s budget gaming laptops, this Lenovo model is the top of the class in high-end specifications and features. Considered one of the best cheap laptops for gaming, the Legion Y530 comes with a slim and sturdy build, which makes it attractive for gamers and non-gamers alike. Its ultra-thin bezels and HD screen ensures that gamers have the experience of a lifetime while gaming on this beauty. With a list price of $949.99, this laptop is more than ideal for all gamers, graphic designers, and animators!


  • Acer Predator Helios 300

One glance at the build of this laptop, and you will fall head over heels! This Acer model boasts a solid construction, with a part-metal build which makes it appealing to all kinds of buyers. With a 144Hz display and superior touchpad and keyboard, this model makes for a compelling gaming laptop with a classy suit. It is available on Amazon for the budget-friendly price of $999.99, so make sure you add it to your cart before the day is over!


  • HP Zbook 15u Notebook

Packed with an Intel Core i7 processor and front-line graphics coprocessor capabilities, the HP Zbook will allow you to run heavy-duty design and animation applications with significant fluidity. You will experience absolutely no lagging, should you choose to purchase this impeccable HP model. With a display size of 15.6 inches and a 1920 x 1080 pixels display resolution, this laptop will be everything you need for graphics creation and animation! Amongst the pricey graphic designing laptops, this one is available on Amazon at the low rate of $978.60.


  • Dell XPS 13 9365

The Dell XPS 13 9365 is considered one of the best cheap laptops for graphic design and animation. Its pros include:

  • Touchscreen
  • Lightweight
  • Intel HD Graphics 620
  • 8 GB RAM

Thanks to its Intel Core i7 processor, this touchscreen notebook provides incredibly high performance for a laptop of such low cost. Its touchscreen has a fourth-generation Gorilla Glass coating, which makes it resistant to scratches and damage. All in all, the Dell XPS 13 9365 is an exceptional laptop for gaming, graphic creation, and animation.

  • ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331

A truly striking laptop with a lightweight build and stylish design, the ASUS ZenBook 12 UX331 is currently a buyer’s favorite when it comes to cheap laptops for graphic design and animation. Not only can this laptop run heavyweight applications and programs smoothly, it also garners the appeal of regular buyers because of its slim exterior. The ASUS ZenBook is known as “the thinnest laptop on the planet”. At the surprisingly low cost of $969.99, this model offers a reliable performance due to its ultra-fast processor and uses NVIDIA Geforce MX150, which provides excellent visuals.


In conclusion, while buying a budget-friendly laptop for gaming, graphic design, and animation, it is extremely important to take your time doing research and reading reviews. It is also crucial to not compromise quality for cost– it is far better to invest your money in a worthwhile laptop with high specifications and multiple features than to buy a low-cost laptop that constantly needs repairs.

The five laptops mentioned above are first-rate when it comes to cheap, good-quality laptops, and can surely fulfill your gaming and animation needs with ease and fervor.

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