10 Best Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse List 2019

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When it comes to gaming, controls can be quite taxing! Cables can make a mess, especially while using desktops and laptops. One wrong move and it is game over for you! This is why cutting down the forest of cables and wires is an ideal plan, especially while gaming. Wireless accessories such as keyboards and mouse make your life incredibly convenient. Not only does it make your space a whole lot cleaner, it will also give you a clear head which allows you to focus on the game more accurately.

Buying a wireless gaming mouse is the perfect way to go! It adds to your cable management by removing one extra cable, and allows you a lot more freedom to glide the cursor on the screen as compared to a wired mouse. This is because, along with looking untidy and unruly, cables also restrict your movement while scrolling and gaming. These constraints are not present when you use the best wireless rechargeable gaming mouse.

Not to mention, if you are the kind of person who has to take their laptop to many different places in the day, either for work or gaming purposes, a wireless mouse can save you a lot of space and hassle. You can easily put the mouse in a pouch, and carry it around. Wireless gaming mouse are all the rage these days!

Choosing the best wireless rechargeable mouse for gaming is quit a hassle. Not all gaming mouse are perfect for your style of gaming. This is why you need to make sure that the wireless rechargeable mouse you choose has all the best and most useful features.

A gaming mouse with a high CPI rating is a must! A high IPS rating will also add to its value because this ensures the mouse will not lose tracking when you are moving it around excessively while gaming. After these, it is mostly the features that make a gaming mouse a good one. These features depend on the kind of gamer you are. Strategic games require a mouse that will not hurt your wrist after you spend your nights gaming. On the other hand, MMO players need a giant panel of additional buttons on their gaming mouse.

Because picking the best wireless rechargeable mouse can be an arduous task, we have compiled a list of the best ten rechargeable gaming mouse for you to sift through and easily pick the one that you prefer. This list will make it incredibly easy for you to buy the most ideal gaming mouse!

  • Logitech G Pro Wireless

Known as the ‘best wireless mouse of 2019’, this gaming mouse has a lot to offer! The Logitech G Pro is the lightest gaming mouse that you will ever find, at just 81 grams of weight, and has an incredibly long rechargeable battery life of over 40+ hours. It has a striking design that encapsulates buyers and users alike, and adds to the flourish of gaming remarkably.


  • Logitech G903 Lightspeed

Logitech G903 Lightspeed is easily one of the best wireless rechargeable mouse for gaming out there. This gaming mouse has an incredible click feel which draws the attention of gamers and non-gamers alike. Although this gaming mouse has a little more weight than the Logitech G Pro, it is still lightweight enough to be easily carried around. It has around 30 hours of rechargeable battery life and sports 11 buttons. A revolutionary combination of design and technology, this gaming mouse is sure to blow your mind!


  • Logitech G305

Yet another Logitech model, the G305 is the budget-friendly alternative to the previous two, without compromising on quality. This mouse has the most amazingly light but solid build, with Logitech’s best sensors built inside it.


  • Razer Mamba Wireless

This innovative new Razer model has defied all expectations when it comes to wireless rechargeable gaming mouse! It is lag and latent free with an extremely comfortable form factor. The cherry on top with this model is that is quite precise, and will give you a gaming experience that you will never forget!


  • E-Blue Mazer II

The first thing you will notice once you set your sights on this wireless gaming mouse is how insanely cheap it is! Although it has a cheaper build quality, it still has all the best features of a functioning gaming mouse. This is ideal for you if you are on a tight budget, and looking for something affordable and cheap.


  • Logitech MX Vertical

The Logitech MX Vertical claims to be one of the best wireless rechargeable mouse for gaming out there! This Logitech model is known for its productivity. It reduces strain and fatigue and has virtually no lag or latency issues. It is quite a comfortable and easy to use mouse, which makes it perfect for avid gamers.


  • Logitech G900

By now you can probably tell that the Logitech brand is known for producing some of the best gaming mouse in the world. This model of Logitech is no less. It is remarkable smooth and fast, but its defining quality is that this mouse gives you the choice to fully customize it, from lights to whether you use it as a right-handed person or left-handed one.


  • RazerLancehead

A sleek and slim gaming mouse, this wireless rechargeable mouse is quite a beauty! It looks attractive, but it performs even better. This model is dependable, comfortable, and fast!


  • Razer Naga Epic Chroma

A solid gaming mouse, the Razer Naga Epic Chroma is one of the best wireless rechargeable mouse of its kind! It sports a 19 button feature array down the thumb side and is lightning fast when it comes to performance. This model is ideal for MMO gamers.


  • Corsair Harpoon RGB

Last but not least, this rechargeable gaming mouse is for life in the fast lane. Racing games and such can be played seamlessly and without lag and latency.


And that was the last of it! Hopefully, this list can help you make the best decision of your life when it comes to the best wireless rechargeable gaming mouse.

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