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Every year we see new torrent websites topping the list and filling the space of the ones that have been turned down. In this year the tops the chart and is the reincarnation of Torrentz. looks like a defunct meta-search engine and contains an ample amount of extra sites compared to its predecessors.

Similarly we have sites like and Rutracker doing really good in nowadays and also they share enough traffic to deserve a listing in this article. But the only sites we choose to mention in this article are the ones that are most browsed by the English or international audience.

Below down, we mention the most-visited torrent sites of the year 2019.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the oldest torrent site we know today. During the past few years, it’s been relatively quiet but has been operating and containing really good content for the internet surfers. It operates from the .org domain name and has been ranked as 116 according to ALEXA RANK.



Content like TV-shows and Movies are very common on the site. They have had the best of pirated videos that users search for. The site got founded back in 2008 but never was so popular in the top torrent sites chart. In late 2015, the site started gaining some popularity and established a frequently searched standard in the search engine. In this year the site is ranked as 282 in Alexa Rank.



Resembling the name of YTS or YIFY group, this site has had to face a lot of troubles in terms of being accused with labels like ‘brand hijack’ and ekcetra ekcetra. YTS.AG is in no way associated or affiliated with the giants like YTS or YIFY group but fortunate for them that they have been able to take a successful place in the late last year. Many other torrent sites have actively been trying to ban their releases but some are still happy with the ‘brand hijack’. The site has been ranked as 335 in the Alexa Rank currently.



Other torrent site founders have been accusing 1337X for stealing out their content. Major protest was made against the site during the last year when all the torrent site founders grouped themselves together to bring down 1337X and it had to experience a major setback. Several admins and moderators also protested against 1337X over security concerns. The site got turned down too but never fell off the molehill and kept improving over time. Therefore much progress has been made since and the site has gradually been improving in terms of getting continuous traffic. The fraction of its traffic keeps increasing and recently the design of the site got improved too which increased its userbase as well. This year, the site has been ranked as 819 in Alexa Rank.



Talking about torrent sites, they gradually improve their ranks every year. New torrent sites may occur on number ten for the first time after many years of their launch. But a site like TorrentProject has had been really lucky in terms of not being able to go through the initial struggle. Right after its launch, the site has been able to make into the top ten list and that’s probably because of the very creative idea the website is based upon. It uses DHT to find content and has more than ten million torrents in its database. It has been ranked as 872 in the Alexa Rank this year.



EZTV.AG has had a very controversial history which is why in most of the torrent sites, EZTV’s releases are banned. After a hostile takeover in 2015, the new owners came to claim ownership of the brand and shut down the original TV-torrent distribution of EZTV.

Currently there’s a new group operating it and releases its own new torrents now. On Alexa Rank, it is ranked as 1,472.

eztv torrent alternatives


Similar to TorrentProject, TorrentDownloads has also indexed millions of torrent sites. Many torrent sites are blocked in several countries by ISPs and therefore, TorrentDownloads has been facing the similar setback during the last few years. But the consistency and determination of the site’s founder has had the site to gain an ample amount of users towards the website. One of the really good things about the website is that it has no non-sense indexing and every torrent indexed to the site is valuable in some-what way. Every month, the userbase of the site has gradually been increasing and in this year the site has attained 1,946 rank in the Alexa Rank.




After a major setback in terms of losing its valuable position from the top-ten torrent sites list, LimeTorrents has regained a position this year. LimeTorrents has had been one of the most popular torrent sites in the world and the oldest one too. But the competitors in the market had turned it down in the last year but now it’s back to top the chart again. The site’s operator has been making great efforts to elevate the site to new heights and a few months ago, the operator also launched the torrent cache iTorrents which is now being used by several other torrent search engines in all over the world. The site has a rank of 2,433 in the Alexa Rank and it’s inevitable to improve in time.




Monova makes into this list because of the awesome feature it provides and even though the site has not had a great percentage of userbase because it’s new in the market. However, the experts talk of Monova as a site to attain a great importance in the future. One of the most beautiful features it has is that it allows the user to upload the content straightaway by just filling a simple registration form that keeps track of your authenticity. This ensures that the content being uploaded is not just being seeded like that but a legit process has been followed to upload the content. Monova also provides a detailed search engine feature to the torrent users.



isoHunt is also one of the most popular torrent indexing website that has millions of torrents stored in its database. You can browse into the site and can fill in their database by uploading more torrents that you know.

Torrents can be easily looked up, browsed and downloaded. In 2013, isoHunt has lost a huge battle with MPAA and agreed to pay $110 million as a settlement.


BT Scene

BT Scene is quite organized and its clean interface is what brings it into this list. When you open the website, you find no advertisements occurring on the page and no irrelevant data being displayed to distract you away from your purpose of browsing into this site. Advertisements can sometimes be really annoying and therefore the BT Scene is free from it. Also, when you open the site, you notice Movies, Series, Music, Games, Software, etc. sections – all organized and separated from each other.



iDope pays tribute to the once-popular torrent website Kickass Torrents. Users that have been following up torrents for many years, must know the kind of value it has kept in the market. iDope has sources from many other torrent websites and also has an Android App which is best for your Android Phone and tablet. Similar to iDope, there used to be another website called as TorrentHound but it has not been functional during these days.



Even though you can’t just simply download the files from Popcorn Time, you can still watch your favorite shows and movies at it by streaming them. Popcorn Time follows a BitTorrent protocol and breaks down the large streaming files into small sections which enable you to enjoy fast streaming, HD quality and minimal buffering.



Once a small torrent website, it is now the most popular one and offers multitude torrents from different categories. It can be used to upload and download torrent files and for searching down the latest torrents.




The mentioned torrent websites have had been mentioned after a great amount of research. We went ahead and gained reviews manually from people in the industry and different other sources too like sites that provide reviews and etc. If you’re torrent freak and love to fetch your favorite content for FREE! Then absolutely these are the sites for you to follow. Happy Torrenting!

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